Fiona Thompson

City Beach Pilates Founder & Owner

Meet Fiona

Fiona’s passion for Pilates began in 2009 after suffering a back injury at work, which resulted in two herniated discs in her lower back. Spinal surgery was suggested, but that was a risk she was not willing to take. Post injury, Fiona began rehabilitation Pilates. Within three months, Pilates helped improve her posture and alleviate her chronic back pain, providing the strength and flexibility. Fiona’s desire to learn and teach took over and she commenced training to become an instructor. She educated herself in Pilates and it’s origin, so she could assist others with their recovery, strength, knowledge and above all, the fun that Pilates offers!

She has taught at several prominent Pilates studios in Perth. Fiona’s clients range from professional athletes to pre and post-natal women, to those recuperating from injuries and trauma such as stroke. Fiona remained active with Pilates throughout her two pregnancies in 2016 and 2019 and has attributed Pilates to her wellbeing; both physically and mentally during birth and recovery.

Fiona is a STOTT PILATES trained instructor in reformer and matwork. She received her training from Chael Hilton of Merrithew. She has attended many of the STOTT PILATES educational workshops, including “Post-natal and Prenatal”, “Lumbo-Pelvic Region – Programming for Stability and Function”, “Matwork with Small Equipment”, “Reformer with Small Equipment” and “Zenga”.

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