Mat-work Pilates

Mat-work Pilates is practiced using a mat and small props. The focus is on movement of the body against gravity, and with increased complexity in choreography and continuity of exercise, this format can prove to be quite challenging when done correctly.

Our mat-work classes are low impact with a focus on building core strength, toning muscles, while being gentle on your joints, paying particular attention to your abdominals, glutes and strengthening your back. At City Beach Pilates we encourage you to connect your breath to each exercise, resulting in a mind body connection, relaxation and stress reduction, before and after class. 

Our classes are limited to 12 people.

Purchase a Pass – Options

20 Mat Classes for $400 ($20 p/p per class) – Valid for 6 months

10 Mat Classes for $240 ($24 p/p per class) – Valid for 6 months

5 Mat Classes for $130 ($26 p/p per class) – Valid for 6 months

Casual Mat Class ($28 p/p per class)

1:1 & 1:2 Private Tuition Available Upon Request

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To make your City Beach Pilates experience more enjoyable…..

  • Bookings are required, just to keep things running smoothly on the day,
  • We have a waitlist system in place, so we will endeavour to fit you in!
  • Need to cancel after you have booked a class? No problem, but how about we agree to give as much notice as possible (10 hrs), so that others can avail of the class in a timely manner?
  • Mobile phones – Let’s put them on silent?, that way everybody can enjoy the class without that buzzing in the background!
  • If you are new to Pilates, no problem, we all had to start somewhere!, however, please inform us before your class, so that we can have a 1:1 to identify movement faults, strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives and level of ability

Contact us today at or 0402 930 036 for more information!